I promise to give you all my love
for now and forever,
to keep your love close to my heart
so that we will never grow apart.
I promise to confide in you
if I feel insecure.
I promise not to doubt your judgements
or actions, without first listening
to the feelings in your heart ...
I promise to support you in everything
you try to accomplish,
because your goals
have become our goals
to achieve together, side by side.
I promise to look back on
the good and bad times
with a smile,
to learn by each mistake
and know that, with every step of success,
we will make it if we just try.
I promise to offer you all the happiness
I am capable of giving you,
to see that the future is ours
to make the best of.
I promise to set time aside
to be best friends,
to dream dreams and make them reality,
and just to say "I love you"
I promise never to take you for granted
because you are the love of my life.

Michelle Thomas