Below is an outline for the procedures of a ceremony. For more information and examples of ceremonies and vows, choose from the "Ceremonies Examples" and "Vows Examples" to the right.

Introduction (Optional)
A welcome, followed by the principles of belief surrounding marriage.

A Reading (Optional)
Your choice of verse or prose, usually non-religious in content.

Personalised Section (Optional)
Information about the relationship that is relevant. It can be light and breezy, romantic or serious - your choice. Your celebrant will draft it for you after a discussion.

Giving Away (Optional)
Traditionally the father 'gives the bride away'. This can be structured to be more about family support for both the Bride and Groom.

The Monitum
A statement required to be made according to the Marriage Act.

The Asking (Optional)
A formal question in relation to your intentions.

Vows (Essential)
Your promises. They need to acknowledge your life-long commitment but can also say anything that you wish to promise to each other.

Exchange of Rings (Optional)
Usually followed by a Versicle (prose to 'seal' the exchange of rings).

A Reading (Optional)
Your choice of verse or prose.

Followed by …
• Declaration (and embrace)
• Signing of Register & Certificate (requires two adult witnesses)
• Introduction of the Married Couple
• Congratulations from guests

Below are a few sample ideas for different ceremonies, speak to your chosen celebrant and they can help you choose a ceremony that you prefer.

> The Rose Ceremony
> Sand or Salt Ceremony
> Lovers' Knot
> Candle Lighting Ceremony
> Including children from previous marriage

Below we have examples of poems, readings, vows and the words for the exchange of rings. Your celebrant will also have others for you to choose from. You might also consider writing your own marriage vows.

Some Poems and Readings
> A Reading - Gift From The Sea
> Fair Dinkum Love
> Daily Afflictions  
> An Irish Wedding Blessing
> The Most Wonderful of Things
> Love
> I Promise You all My Love, Now & Forever
> Wedding
> Dance me to the end of love
> Through the years we have learned
> Gorecki
> Don't Ever...
> Corinthians 1:13 (adapted)
> Buddha
> The Journey
> From Leunig
> I carry your heart with me
> My heart, queen of the beehive
> We Are All Sand

Wedding Vows
> 18 Examples of Wedding Vows

Exchange of Rings
> 6 Examples of Ring Exchanges