The focus of celebrant members of The Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of Victoria Inc (ACMCV) is in providing high quality, professional services for couples choosing civil marriage ceremonies.

However, some celebrant members also conduct other ceremonies such as Naming Ceremonies, Renewals of Vows and Funerals. Our large membership consists of registered marriage celebrants predominantly from Victoria, but also from most other states of Australia.

• ensure their conduct is of a professional standard;
• provide services to the satisfaction of their clients;
• ensure marriages are celebrated with appropriate decorum and dignity;
• be well groomed and dressed in a manner which adds dignity to the occasion when officiating as celebrant;
• arrive at the ceremony before the agreed commencement time and retire quietly after.

Registered Marriage Celebrants are authorised by the Attorney-General to celebrate marriages throughout Australia.

By choosing from our membership you will find a celebrant who not only which suits your needs, but one who offers a range of different ceremonies, including choices of readings and anything especially relevant to you by way of tradition, culture, ethnic origin and symbolism.

The ACMCV provides its celebrant members with ongoing opportunities for professional development dealing with matters including ceremony, vocal delivery, client satisfaction, ethics and standards.

Celebrants have no obligation to join a professional celebrant body. Our members have chosen to join the Association to improve their knowledge and skills and to have access to a wider body of information through networking with their fellow celebrants.

Rest assured when you choose an ACMCV member, you are choosing from a range of quality practitioners who will work with you to help you achieve a perfect wedding. Celebrant fees vary from celebrant to celebrant. They provide a unique service, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and often at unusual hours, including evenings.

Their commitments intrude on family life and other obligations. It is emotional and demanding work and requires a level of skill, expertise and dedication in so many areas. Celebrants are small business operators and the fee must cover a wage, annual leave and superannuation.

The fee will cover the following costs plus a margin for skill to enable them to be viable.
A breakdown of the fee could include any or all of the following expenses:

Celebrants Hours - averages 8 hours a ceremony
• 2 Interviews
• Travel to and from the venue x 2
• Preparation of ceremony
• Preparation of documents
• Final check of documents and dispatch to Births, Deaths & Marriages.
• Certificates x 3
• Register
• Letters and Postage
• Paper for ceremony
• Advertising
• Home Office expenses
• Inernet / Email
  • Hardware:
- Computer
- Printer and Ink
- PA
- Fax Machine
• 2nd Phone Line
• Phone Calls / STD
  • Association Membership
• Accountant Fees
• Conference fees
• Celebrant Insurance
• Ongoing Professional Development
• Car expenses, incl. repairs, fuel and insurance.
• Appropriate clothing & personal grooming expenses
• Average 50km